Business has been busy and currently on the curing table is Lanolin Soap, Apple Cider Soap and a new addition to the line up - Moor Mud Soap. Also new to the line up is the rectangular one ounce guest soap. Look for this to be added to each soap with new batches.

Moor Mud is Moor mud is mostly composed of organic plant materials that have been slowly decomposing for the past 20,000 years. The Moor mud used in this soap was gathered from prehistoric peat bogs in Ireland, containing beneficial fulvic and humic acids, vitamins, minerals and other trace elements that contribute to a healthier skin. 

While you could use this as an all over soap it is brilliant as a facial soap. My recommendation (as with any clay or mud soap) is to use a dark wash cloth. 

This soap is brilliant as a facial soap and will leave your skin smoother, softer and more balanced every time you use it.

Round Travel size Moor Mud Soap

Rectangular one ounce travel size