About - Covington Creek Candle Company, LLC

How I got started in this.

First off let me say that my inspriation comes from nature. I love the outdoors and want to work as much in harmony with it as possible. If we all do that what a great place this would be to live for everyone.

I work as an intensive care nurse and realized afte talking with many of our senior patients that come in with respiratory issues in the colder months that they burn more candles during these months. I started checking into parafin candles benefits and nonbenefits. Turns out there are more nonbenefits. I checked into soy candes for even just myself. That was 6 years ago and I couldn't believe the cost. I took 6 scents into work in the month of October thinking some of my coworkers would like to buy some. I sold over 200 candles in 6 weeks. I looked around fro a suppier of wax and oils. Found one about 3 hours away. At first I shiped to my home but at $15.00 a case this really added up. I started making trips to get the wax - cost savings was huge - plus a great chinese restaurant on the way. I started with a few craft shows, then farmers markets and now have them in seveal stores. So this is how my business was born.

I started looking at waht went into lotions one day and realized I wanted a more natural lotion. I found a base recipe on the net and curtailed to what I wanted in a lotion. Not just softening but healthy for me. This has been a hit at work. I love the lotions bars - many of the same great oils in my lotions but no preservatives are needed as no water is used. This Fort Wayne made lotion is really gaining popularity.

Next came the soap making. A old friend of mine makes great soap but on the basic side. I wanted one with some of the wonderful oils I use in my lotions so this craft was added to my rapidly growing business. Many say it is the best Fort Wayne soap made and swear they will not use anyone elses.

Then I started looking at scrubs. Hence the clay mask and almond meal scrub (apricot meal is available for those of you with nut allergies but is a little more coarse.) I am all about saving time and this mask scrub combo cuts one step out of my face care routine.

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